Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mamaroneck Board of Education supporting the rezoning of Hampshire Country Club and building of the condo complex?


No. While the school district has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) that would allow it to receive a gift of land if the condo project is approved, the district has explicitly stated that “it is the purview of the Village of Mamaroneck, not of the Board of Education, to determine whether Hampshire will be permitted to move forward with the proposed project”.


As Board of Education Member Athena Belsito-Maikish said before the approval of the MoU: “I don’t want a large development in my backyard…I’m in favor of accepting the agreement, but not in favor of the development. I trust the village board to decide.”

If the condo project is rejected, won’t the developer-owners of Hampshire just proceed with their 105-unit redevelopment of the entire course?


No. Hampshire’s plan to turn the golf course into a 105 unit housing development was rejected in May 2020 by the Village Planning Board. Although the developers appealed the decision, asking the court to overturn the Planning Board’s Decision, the court declined to do so and instead merely asked the Planning Board to revisit a small subset of specific reasons for the rejection. The Village has appealed this decision, but, because the decision was based on solid review and analysis of many issues, and was not “arbitrary and capricious” (the standard necessary to be proved by the developers), the Village will likely win this appeal. In addition, most of the key reasons cited for rejection by the Planning Board, including health and safety risks from flooding, major multi-year construction disturbance and environmental damage from the project, will continue to exist. So, even if the Village’s appeal is unsuccessful, and the Planning Board were to revisit the small number of issues noted, the Village Planning Board would in all likelihood again reject the housing development.

Moreover, with c. 500 members, the Hampshire Country Club is currently thriving and profitable under its current configuration. Given the demonstrated inability to develop the land for residential purposes, the golf course will most likely remain as is once the current owners accept that the housing development and the luxury condo complex will not happen.

What will happen to the recreational facilities at Hampshire Country Club if any development goes ahead?


Unclear. It is unlikely that Hampshire Country Club could continue to be a full size 18-hole golf course under the current plans. According to the American Society of Golf Architects, a full-size par 72 course requires 120-200 acres. Hampshire is already a small course with only 116.4 acres of total land for the club (including 6 acres for the clubhouse, tennis, and pool). The condo plan would reduce this further by using a 8 additional acres for the condo development, and if the transfer of land to the School District were to occur, another 7 acres would be shaved off the course. This would mean Hampshire have only approximately 95 acres remaining for its golf course – over 20% smaller than the minimum required size for an 18-hole course. Continuation as an 18-hole golf course would be virtually impossible, and most members would not pay for a reduced hole golf experience. With the resulting departure of significant numbers of member, like that seen in financial crisis of 2008, the club would no longer be financially viable. Since Hampshire’s developer-owners intend to sell out of their position, it is unclear who would pay to maintain the current course, with its significant maintenance expenses, including for flood mitigation and water control.